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Cryotherapy, heal in 3 minutes ?

Why does a cryotherapy session last three minutes?

Thermal shock

The principle of cryotherapy is based on thermal shock . This thermal shock comes from a rapid drop in skin temperature on contact with the -110 ° C of the Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber (CCE).

In fact, at CryoBox you go from an ambient temperature of 19 ° C to -110 ° C in an instant. The thermal shock is therefore optimal and controlled for an effective result .

Thermoreceptors, which are sensitive to temperature change, seeing their temperatures drop, send information to the brain . This triggers a succession of natural reactions at the origin of the benefits of cryotherapy on the human body.

We find :

  • action analgesic based on the nervous system

  • a hormonal action at the origin of well-being and restful sleep + anti-inflammatory drugs

  • optimal recovery through the vascular share (vasoconstriction - vasodilation)

A reaction specific to each person

At CryoBox, cold control is optimal for a result that meets your expectations. But as you know, we are all different. This is also true in the face of the cold.

In terms of :

  • your weight

  • your proportion of muscle mass

  • your activity

  • your lifestyle

  • your shape

  • time of the session


Your body's reaction will be different. The same person may react differently after the session depending on all of these factors. This is why the CryoBox cryotherapy center team is made up of health professionals, physiotherapists and osteopaths, to provide you with the answers to all your questions.

To guarantee you the best result, our team pays attention to the smallest detail and personalizes each of your sessions.

How does the body react to this extreme temperature?

The cooling is done by conduction and the body makes sure that the organs keep the same temperature. As the body temperature drops, it tries to increase its heat production. On the surface of the skin the hairs become wrinkled and chills appear.

Blood pressure rises slightly as does heart rate. It is for this reason that untreated cardiac and vascular pathologies are among the contraindications to cryotherapy.

Once the information is in the brain, it is at the level of the pituitary and hypothalamus that a reaction cascade occurs. There is then a release of hormones such as endorphins, serotonin and anti-inflammatory drugs at the origin of the many benefits of cryotherapy.

séance de cryothérapie pour la fibromial

Personalization of CryoBox sessions

The goal for a successful cryotherapy session

For a cryotherapy session, the goal is to lower the skin temperature to 12 ° C. It is at this temperature that the thermal shock is optimal and will allow you to obtain all the benefits of the cold.

The cooling must be rapid and homogeneous. It is thanks to CCE technology (head included) that this is possible. Even if the skin temperature drops, the body temperature does not change. It is precisely the reactions of the human body, in order not to lower the core temperature of the body (thermoregulation), which allow to obtain all the benefits of intense cold.

Less than 3 minutes at -110 ° C

Although the basic protocol is 3 minutes, you understand that the goal is above all to reach 12 ° C on the skin . So if during your first CryoBox session you come out and your skin is at 8 ° C for example, we will advise you to stay less than 3 minutes during the following session. It will be 2min30 for example. It sometimes happens that some people only need 1min30 to obtain an effective thermal shock and all the benefits of the cold.


More than 3 minutes at -110 ° C

Conversely, some people leave the cryotherapy chamber at more than 12 ° C. In these cases it is necessary to stay longer for a more important cooling of the body.

It is not uncommon for some people to have to do 4-minute sessions. In general, it is people with a large muscle mass who require more time to reach the target of 12 ° C.


As a reminder, at CryoBox we do not use liquid nitrogen, but simply cooled ambient air. The air is therefore cold and dry making it possible to withstand this extreme temperature.


The outfit consists of:

  • two pairs of gloves

  • a mask

  • an earmuff

  • underwear / swimsuit

  • two pairs of socks

  • sandals

bien choisir sa formule de cryothérapie

What results in 3 minutes of cryotherapy ?

The results after a cryo session

The benefits of cryotherapy are:

  • muscle recovery

  • pain reduction / analgesia

  • anti-stress / anxiety

  • improves sleep

  • well-being

  • boosts the immune system

  • improves daily life in the context of chronic inflammatory pathologies

  • weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle


After a single session, you will be able to feel immediate well-being and a reduction or even the disappearance of your pain. The sleep will be quality from the first night.


Results after several CryoBox sessions

Even if a single session allows to obtain results, under certain conditions, it will be necessary to realize several. Indeed, when a problem is chronic it will be necessary to practice ten sessions according to a well-established protocol to obtain a lasting result .

We use the protocols set up by the INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance) equipped since 2009.

résultats et bienfaits de la cryothérapi
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