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Cryotherapy + Osteopathy , the perfect therapeutic combination


The complementarity between osteopathy and cryotherapy

Everything depends on the vascularization of the tissues.

The basis of osteopathy is the vascularization .

Indeed, in our body, if everything is circulating well, everything is fine .


However, a lack of vascularization can lead to inflammation, pain, poor healing, etc. It is for this reason that the role of the osteopath is to treat the body as a whole to correct and relieve any dysfunctions in order to regulate the vascularization.

For this we find techniques:

  • functional

  • visceral

  • articular

  • tissue

  • of the nervous system

  • palpation

seule une chambre de cryotherapie permet les meilleurs resultats grace aux recepteurs cutanes

Osteopathy therefore treats the human body as a whole , that is to say the muscles as well as the joints, viscera or even the skull. This concerns everyone from the athlete, to the infant and to the pregnant woman before or after childbirth ...

An osteopath can be consulted in the acute phase , in the event of chronic pain or very specific pathology.

Many people go to an osteoarthritis for:

  • neck pain / stiff neck

  • joint pain

  • headaches or migraines / headache

  • a spinal problem or back pain

  • low back pain / sciatica

  • digestive disorders

  • preventive

Cryotherapy, for its part, is based on the effectiveness of thermal shock , that is to say the reaction of the body during a rapid drop in skin temperature. Following this thermal shock, the vessels retract (vasoconstriction) then dilate reflexively (vasodilation). The result is circulation boosted blood favoring exchanges and drainage of waste.

We therefore notice that these two treatments have a similar objective .


Adding an osteopathy session after a cryotherapy session therefore makes it possible to maximize the results of both cryotherapy and those of a classic osteopathy session.

The result for your body is maximized

Whole-body cryotherapy provides tremendous results on:

  • the pain

  • chronic inflammatory diseases

  • following trauma.


However, cryotherapy reaches its limits when it is necessary to manipulate a joint or act manually to obtain the best result.

This is exactly the role of the osteopath and it is therefore for this reason that cryotherapy and osteopathy are complementary.

protocole et prise de temperature avant et apres un seance de cryotherapie corps entier

Should we do osteopathy before or after cryotherapy ?

What happens after a cryotherapy session?

After a cryotherapy session you feel like you're in a cloud thanks to the hormonal secretions boosted by the 3 minutes at -110 °. The pain is relieved and the body is relaxed.

What happens after an osteopathy session?

In general, after an osteopathy session you feel relaxed and a little knocked out. The body needs time and work to rebalance itself following the maneuvers and manipulations of the osteopath. Often the practitioner advises to remain quiet 24 to 48 hours after the session.

Osteopathy after cryotherapy


We recommend doing the osteopathy session after the cryotherapy session.


Indeed, cryotherapy will relax you which will allow an easier job for the osteopath. Exposure to cold after osteopathy could tighten the body by protecting itself from the cold by muscle contractions.


The greatest efficiency will therefore be to take advantage of the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy and then take advantage of the action of osteopathy for optimal results.

sortie de la chambre de froid cryobox

Who practices osteopathy at CryoBox ?

At CryoBox cryotherapy sessions are carried out by a team of 5 osteopaths.


All the members of our team have the title of osteopath and can also follow you for your osteopathy session on the upper floor in the KOSS Paris sports physiotherapy center.


A room reserved for this purpose is available after your cryotherapy treatments on well-defined time slots.

CryoBox practitioners will therefore be at your side for all of your care. Diagnosis and history will allow for an effective combination of care.

un questionnaire medical est rempli avec un osteopathe avant chaque seance
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