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CRYOTHERAPIST / OSTEOPATH the Cryotherapy expert

What is a cryotherapist ?


Above all, an expert in cryotherapy.


The cryotherapist is defined as the expert in charge of offering you access and the best care during your cryotherapy session (CCE). It is the cryotherapist who accompanies you throughout your exposure to -110 ° C.

But his expertise begins before that.

The cryotherapist gets to know you.

From your first session, the cryotherapist will welcome you and will be at your disposal to find out the reason for your visit. Whether for recovery, pain management or well-being, the goal is to know how your daily life is disrupted to offer you the right solution for a lasting result on your health.


Why is an osteopath ideal to be a cryotherapist ?

An osteopath is a health professional trained for 5 years in the functional treatment of the human body using a comprehensive and comprehensive approach.

The osteopath therefore masters the anatomy, but also the various pathologies and their consequences on daily life.


In view of the cryotherapist's area of expertise, it therefore seems that the osteopath, like the doctor, is the most suitable professional for the role of cryotherapist.


In the CryoBox whole body cryotherapy center, a team of 7 osteopaths and a doctor will supervise you during your cryotherapy sessions.


This is how we guarantee you tailor-made supervision, expertise for optimal results and total security.


The specific training of the cryotherapist CryoBox


As you have discovered, the CryoBox team is made up of 7 osteopaths and a doctor.

But our team has undergone special training.


In fact, we are trained by the doctor from INSEP, the national sports institute for expertise and performance.


INSEP is the first center in France to have been equipped with whole body cryotherapy in 2009.

We have therefore benefited from their experiences and the results of scientific experiments carried out with high-level athletes, but also with people suffering from inflammatory disease such as:

  • multiple sclerosis

  • ankylosing spondylitis

  • fibromyalgia

The results of these studies made it possible to set up effective and sustainable treatment protocols adapted to each objective.

We therefore took advantage of this experience to create our offers while combining the service and support specific to CryoBox.

CryoBox cryotherapists are therefore health professionals trained by the pioneers of cryotherapy in France and at the origin of the best studies in the field.

The expertise of the CryoBox osteopath at your service

The expertise of your osteopath / cryotherapist will allow you to enjoy a cryotherapy session in the best conditions in order to obtain the best results. But the CryoBox expertise does not stop there.


Indeed, taking into account your objective, your daily life and the information you give us, we will be able to advise you on the formula adapted to your needs.


It will be for example:

  • 1 single session to recover after an effort

  • 3 sessions as part of a sports competition (2 cryo sessions before and one after the event). Ideal for relieving joint and muscle pain after exercise

  • 5 CryoBox sessions for acute pain or temporary stress: sleep disorders.

  • 10 analgesic cryotherapy sessions to overcome chronic pain or inflammation.

  • 15 sessions to allow a stabilization phase over 3 weeks

  • 15 sessions to treat temporary ailments throughout the year

  • Unlimited access for regular athletes and for therapeutic purposes for people suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases.

Reminder on the benefits of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy acts through the action of intense cold for about three minutes on the skin receptors sensitive to temperature.

These receptors send the message to the brain, which produces a succession of secretions and cascading actions.

  • increased blood circulation

  • better tissue oxygenation

  • waste drainage

  • immediate analgesic effect / relief

  • action on the nervous system

  • release of endorphins

  • serotonin / melatonin secretions

  • muscle recovery

  • feeling of well being

  • psoriasis relief

  • immune system boost

  • promoting healing

  • effective burning of cellulite as part of a healthy food hygiene

  • drainage of edema


Whether it is in the event of fatigue, rheumatism, following a trauma or even in parallel with a rehabilitation at a physiotherapist, the beneficial effects of cryotherapy will allow you to relieve yourself naturally.

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