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Cryotherapy, a solution to multiple sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) and cryotherapy

Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease caused by a disruption of the immune system (autoimmune disease).

The anti-inflammatory and stimulating the immune system are therefore essential to reduce the signs of multiple sclerosis and improve the quality of life.

Fatigue is a key point in the life of an individual suffering from MS. Indeed, the days can be complicated when it is necessary to chain activities.

Cryotherapy acts quickly and sustainably on recovery and the quality of sleep , to regain a more serene pace of life.

traitement naturel de La sclérose en pla

The benefits of cryotherapy to fight multiple sclerosis

The benefits of cryotherapy are numerous and can be distinguished into three categories.

Reduced pain and boosted immune system

The action of cold on the skin causes a decrease in the speed of nerve conduction and allows immediate pain relief . The profit with a session can vary from one day to one week. But rest assured, for a lasting result there is a solution.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The immune system is boosted during the passage of 3 minutes at -110 ° C. The efficacy has been scientifically demonstrated on markers of immunity and inflammation. The immune defenses are stimulated which is essential as with many autoimmune diseases.

The reduction in inflammatory signs and a strengthened immune response are significant advantages of cryotherapy, especially since this action is natural.

Reduced fatigue and efficient recovery

Fatigue is a very important part of the day for MS patients.

For this cryotherapy is the most effective tool. Just as a top athlete recovers from competition, a person with MS can recover to regain maximum energy in a natural way. Exposure to -110 ° C for 3 minutes allows an increase in vascularization and efficient drainage of waste coupled with better oxygenation.

The result is immediate recovery in just one session and the feeling of starting again like new.

Immediate well-being for an improved quality of life

Another benefit of cryotherapy is the action on the hormonal system.

Cryotherapy naturally increases hormonal secretions to restore normal function.

The result is well-being immediate and significantly higher quality of sleep. This action is essential and makes it possible to improve the quality of life significantly.

séance de cryothérapie pour la sclérose

What CryoBox formula for multiple sclerosis ?

As we have seen, a cryotherapy session reduces pain and improves quality of life over 24 hours to 1 week.

But for a lasting benefit , it is necessary to practice 10 sessions over 10 days .

The goal is to stimulate the body repeatedly to re-train it to function normally. The advantage is that we use the resources of the body.

This protocol of 10 sessions over 10 days has scientifically proven its effectiveness in the context of research at INSEP (National Institute for Sport, Expertise and Performance). They also demonstrated that 10 sessions at the rate of 2 sessions per day over 5 days allowed to obtain the same result.

For a more lasting benefit we propose a stabilization phase of 5 sessions to be performed over 3 weeks to increase the duration of effectiveness .

Concretely, the benefits can go up to 6 months or even 1 year for some.


Our CryoBox osteopath team remains available to answer your questions and guide you towards your goal.

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