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Whole body cryotherapy , a natural solution against ankylosing spondylitis

The therapeutic value of cryotherapy in AS ankylosing spondylitis.

Ankylosing spondylitis is characterized by chronic pain . Fatigue can be added to these pains.

Cryotherapy allows to obtain results in a natural way on these two types of discomfort and to improve the daily life and to relieve people suffering from SPA.

Exposure of 3 minutes to -110 ° C will allow a rapid analgesic action, coupled with the release of anti-inflammatory drugs. The pain and inflammation are then calmed effectively and durably within the framework of a very specific protocol.


For maximum efficiency at CryoBox it is a team of osteopaths expert in cryotherapy who support you and guide you towards your goal in a personalized way.

traitement naturel de la spondylarthrite

The benefits of cryotherapy in the event of SPA

The benefits of cryotherapy care are based on the parallel action of different plans. We find analgesic, anti-inflammatory and recovery actions.

Pain management

The analgesic action is based on the stimulation of the nervous system. Exposure to -110 ° C causes the conduction speed of the nerve to slow down, instantly reducing pain and providing rapid relief . This benefit is valid for acute pain or chronic pain. The difference lies in the number of sessions to be performed for a lasting result .


In case of acute pain , one session will suffice to stop it permanently.

However, in the event of chronic pain, joint pain for example, it will be necessary to add up the cold exposures over a short period to stop the pain in a lasting way.

Cryo can relieve pain:

  • muscular

  • rheumatism / rheumatic

  • polyarthritis

  • of joints

  • muscle aches


Anti-inflammatory action

The anti-inflammatory effect comes from the action on the hormonal system. The rapid drop in skin temperature stimulates thermoreceptors, which in turn send the message to the brain .

From there, a cascade of reactions follow. The result is a greater release of natural hormones . There is a significant release of anti inflammatory. Every day our body produces anti-inflammatory drugs in a natural way. But when the hygiene of life, fatigue, stress etc. increase, the body can find itself disturbed and no longer efficiently secrete the right dose. If to this is added an inflammatory pathology such as ankylosing spondylitis, we understand the importance of finding a normal dosage.


Cryotherapy acts to naturally boost the secretion of these substances, to act effectively against pain.


A reduction in pain, coupled with increased recovery and reduced stress, is an improved lifestyle and a virtuous circle for the benefit of well-being. In addition, there is an important action on the immune system for people with ankylosing spondylitis.


Recovery and well-being

Cryotherapy has been used for years in high performance sport. Athletes benefit from the benefits of exposure to the cold, to stimulate vascularity and start again faster and stronger in training or in competition. Whole body chamber cryotherapy is the most effective tool in terms of recovery .


What if the solution for high-level athletes was the ideal tool in the event of SPA?

The answer is yes, because a good recovery means less fatigue, less stress and stresses that go away. It is therefore more energy for the body to fight effectively against pain.

It is also more energy to move and do the mobility and strengthening exercises necessary to limit the constraints of ankylosing spondylitis in parallel with rehabilitation .


Recover like a top athlete for a lighter daily life. Cryotherapy allows, thanks to the release of hormones such as serotonin (melatonin), to fight against sleep disorders .

The beneficial effects are numerous and it is therefore your CryoBox osteopath who will guide you at each session to provide you with the answers adapted to your objective.

séance de cryothérapie pour la spondylar

Which Cryobox cryotherapy formula for lasting results ?

As we have seen, a cryotherapy session reduces pain and improves quality of life over 24 hours to 1 week.

But for a lasting benefit, it is necessary to practice 10 sessions over 10 days .


The goal is to stimulate the body repeatedly to re-train it to function normally. The advantage is that one makes use of the body's resources.

This protocol of 10 sessions over 10 days has scientifically proven its effectiveness in the context of research at INSEP (National Institute for Sport, Expertise and Performance). They also demonstrated that 10 sessions at the rate of 2 sessions per day over 5 days allowed to obtain the same result.

For a more lasting benefit we propose a stabilization phase of 5 sessions to be performed over 3 weeks to increase the duration of effectiveness.

Concretely, the benefits can go up to 6 months or even 1 year for some.


Our CryoBox osteopath team remains available to answer your questions and guide you towards your goal.


During your first session in the CryoBox Whole Body Cryotherapy Center (CCE), we will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

You will be exposed for three minutes to extreme cold of -110 ° C under the supervision of a physiotherapist or an osteopath.

Before that we will have you complete a health questionnaire to find out if you have a contraindication to the practice of cryotherapy.

Among the contraindications we find, among others, unstable cardiac and vascular pathologies. Find all the contraindications here.

Before each cryo session we will take your blood pressure . Both high blood pressure and low blood pressure do not allow exposure to the cold.


If you want to relieve pain, stiffness and fatigue from the effects of SPA, exposure to cold, dry air at -110 ° C from CryoBox will provide effective and lasting relief .

bien choisir sa formule de cryothérapie
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