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The effectiveness of cryotherapy is based on 3 essential factors .

Refrigeration technology and science

Scientific studies have proven it: cryotherapy is only effective if the whole body, including the head, is exposed to cold.

Why ? 40% of cold receptors are on the face.
Without exposing the latter and therefore its receptors, we then lose efficiency. For an optimal result it is necessary to obtain a homogeneous reduction of the whole of the skin temperature.

The INSEP has demonstrated that only a cryotherapy chamber in total immersion allows this uniform temperature drop thanks to a complete exposure of the body to the cold.

seule une chambre de cryotherapie permet les meilleurs resultats grace aux recepteurs cutanes

Exposure time to -110 ° C

The classic protocol is to expose your body for 3 minutes to -110 ° C, but we are all different and each reacts in its own way.

To personalize the sessions and guarantee an optimal result, we adapt your exposure time according to your reaction, at the end of your first session, we flash your skin temperature.

Depending on the result, our osteopaths will be able to tell you with precision the exposure time for your next sessions. You are unique: our sessions are therefore personalized.

protocole et prise de temperature avant et apres un seance de cryotherapie corps entier

Personalized support for your cryotherapy sessions

CryoBox offers tailor-made monitoring protocols based on the experience and expertise of INSEP.

When you come for the first time, we need to know the reason for your visit and your objective.
Pain, sleep disturbance, stress management, recovery ...

Why ? To adapt the protocol and the treatment (number of sessions, frequency, duration ...).
Our physiotherapists and osteopaths are there to listen to you and determine with you the protocol adapted to your situation and to achieve your goals.

sortie de la chambre de froid cryobox

Physiotherapists and osteopaths, expert cryotherapists at your service

The CryoBox sessions always take place under the supervision of a healthcare professional , expert cryotherapy ( cryothérapeute ) and formed by the INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance).

Total immersion cryotherapy allows a more effective lowering of body temperature compared to nitrogen chambers (cryosauna) leaving the head free and thus allows better stimulation of the central nervous system.

The results confirm that the lower the body temperature, the greater the parasympathetic stimulation.

Study carried out at INSEP in 2013 on the differences between Whole Body Cryotherapy (total immersion chamber) and Partial Body (chambers)

un questionnaire medical est rempli avec un osteopathe avant chaque seance

Comparison of Whole Body Cryotherapy and Cryosauna / Capsule (head unit out)

comparaison des temperatur de cryotherapie cryobox


(with the head)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

A and B : before CryoBox (head included)

C and D : after CryoBox: both the upper body and the lower body are significantly lower in temperature

comparaison des temperatur de cryotherapie cryosauna caisson sans la tete

Cryosauna / Capsule

(without the head)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

A and B : before Cryosauna (head not included)

C and D : only the lower body was able to drop a little in temperature

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