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The 10 essential questions before a CRYOTHERAPY session




How to treat yourself with cold?

You can heal yourself thanks to the benefits of the cold. But how ?

Technology in cryotherapy, whole body.

Indeed, for the cold to heal effectively, it must be mastered and know how to use it.

It is for this reason that CryoBox uses the best cryotherapy technology for optimal benefit .

It is full-body cryotherapy in total immersion , a technology found in major sports clubs or at INSEP.


Thermal shock.

To be cured with the cold, it is necessary to produce a thermal shock, that is to say a rapid change in skin temperature.

This is what happens during a CryoBox cryotherapy session, your skin passes in a few seconds from about 25 ° to 12 °.

For this your body is exposed for 3 minutes to -110 °, always under the watch of a health professional and after having checked your state of health and your blood pressure.


Cold treatment is beneficial thanks to the message sent by skin receptors to the brain. Once the message arrives in the brain, it is a cascade of reactions that results in the benefits.

The action of the cold causes the reaction of the nervous system, hormonal and vascular.


The cold thus helps relieve pain, recover from exertion and treat stress, anxiety or sleep problems.

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What are the benefits of cryotherapy ?

The benefits of cryotherapy are many and varied.


The benefits on the nervous system.

Regarding the action of cryotherapy on the nervous system, it is a decrease in the conduction speed of the nerve that allows the analgesic benefit. The benefits on pain are therefore immediate. The pain may disappear at the end of the cryotherapy session. The benefits are long-lasting depending on the person, their lifestyle and the chronicity of the pain. For an adapted protocol, the CryoBox healthcare professional team will be able to tell you more in order to guide you on the formula adapted to your needs.

The benefits on the vascular system.


The best known and most sought after is sports recovery. In fact, in a single session, cryotherapy makes it possible to recover from the most trying efforts.

It is not for nothing that top athletes use cryotherapy.


Exposure to cold and thermal shock causes vasoconstriction and then vasodilation allowing waste drainage and better tissue oxygenation.

As soon as you finish your training or your sporting event, you can practice a cryotherapy session to recover like an athlete. In addition to recovery, the vascular action also helps relieve edema and heavy legs.


The benefits on the hormonal system.


The benefits of cryotherapy following action on the hormonal system are numerous and truly effective.

The brain's response to heat shock allows the natural release of large quantities of many hormones such as cortisol, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins.

The result is an immediate feeling of well-being after the cryotherapy session.

Thanks to cold stimulation, cryotherapy provides benefits to act on stress, anxiety or even sleep disorders.


The benefits of exposure to cold depend on the body's reaction to heat shock. The rapid passage of the skin from 25 ° to 12 ° causes this thermal shock.

The 3-minute exposure to -110 ° C stimulates receptors in the skin which send a message to the brain causing a cascade of natural reactions.

Cryotherapy will therefore act on:

  • the nervous system, to calm and stop pain

  • the vascular system, to allow optimal recovery

  • the hormonal system, allowing well-being and quality sleep.

How does a cryotherapy session take place?

Conventionally, a cryotherapy session is 3 minutes at -110 ° C.

Conventionally, cryotherapy = 3 minutes at -110 ° C.

But for an optimal result more precision is needed.

For optimal results, the goal is to lower the skin temperature to 12 ° C. The skin temperature is on average 24 ° before a session.

The cryotherapist's objective is therefore to find the right duration of exposure so that when you leave the cryotherapy chamber your skin is at 12 ° C.

Each person reacts in their own way, but from experience we know how to guide you to give you the right exposure time from the first session.


People with a large muscle mass require a longer sitting time in order to lower their temperature. To be precise, we take the temperature of the skin at the end of the session.


But what happens before the cryotherapy session?

Reception by a health professional.

When you arrive at CryoBox, you are greeted by a physiotherapist or osteopathic health professional, an expert in cryotherapy and trained by the head doctor of INSEP.


Medical questionnaire.

He will ask you a few questions, in particular to find out your objective and thus adapt his recommendations as well as possible. Then you will have to fill out a health questionnaire to make sure that your state of health does not present any contraindication to whole body cryotherapy.

Once you have gone through the locker room, your cryotherapist osteopath will take your blood pressure to ensure that you are in the best possible condition to expose your body to -110 ° C.

The necessary equipment for the cold.

For your cryotherapy session we provide you with the equipment. We will give you socks, gloves, masks, ear muffs and shoes to spend your 3 minutes at -110 ° C.


Comfort and discussion after cryotherapy session

Once your session is over and you are fully dressed, you can take full advantage of our space with tea, coffee or water at your disposal.

This is when you can once again discuss with the cryotherapist osteopath to have all the answers to your questions.

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Who can do Whole Body Cryotherapy?


Above all, to be of age!


Cryotherapy and its benefits are available from 18 years old. Once you have reached the age of majority, you can practice cryotherapy.

However, we are vigilant about your state of health.


A health questionnaire before each cryo session.


It ensures that you have no contraindication to exposure to the cold at -110 ° C.


The contraindications are as follows:

- Uncontrolled arterial hypertension or greater than 16/10 (160 / 100mmHg)

- Myocardial infarction less than 6 months old

- Respiratory failure

- Circulatory failure

- Angina pectoris

- Pacemaker

- Stage 3 or 4 arteriopathies

- Deep vein thrombosis

- Acute respiratory infection

- Renal colic

- Profound anemia

- Cold allergy

- Acute skin infection, bacterial or viral

- Acute deep infection

- Taking alcohol or drugs

- Pregnancy

- Minor


Systematic blood pressure measurement.

And once your health questionnaire has been validated, your cryotherapist osteopath will take your blood pressure to ensure that you are able to spend 3 minutes at -110 ° C.


Your health is our priority, so we are vigilant and we guarantee you all the comfort to enjoy cryotherapy.


Is Whole Body Cryotherapy effective ?

Cryotherapy is effective if done correctly.

Indeed, knowledge of anatomy, pathologies and the action of cold are essential.


It is for this reason that a cryotherapy session must be supervised by a health professional trained in the practice of cryotherapy.


Since the reaction and the benefits of exposure to the cold are unique to everyone, it requires rigorous supervision to derive all the benefits.


A team of health professionals (physiotherapist and osteoarthritis).

At CryoBox our team is made up of physiotherapists and osteopaths trained by the doctor at INSEP, since 2017, when CryoBox opened, the first whole body cryotherapy center in Paris.


Our team of experts perfectly masters the action of cold on your body and can best advise you on the protocol to follow in order to obtain the result that meets your expectations.


In the event of pain, injury or pathology, our team of healthcare professionals will be at your disposal and can also guide you to make the most of the benefits of the cold to achieve your goal.

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What outfit for a cryotherapy session?


CryoBox provides you with the outfit for your cryotherapy session.


In order to expose you for 3 minutes to -110 ° C we equip you from head to toe.

Before entering the whole body cryotherapy chamber we give you:

  • two pairs of socks

  • a pair of suitable sandals

  • two pairs of gloves to be comfortable

  • an earmuff or a hat

  • a mask to protect your airways

  • strap if ever you have a wound


Not only will you have a style at the forefront of fashion , but will be comfortable to make the most of the benefits of your cryotherapy session under the supervision of one of the physiotherapists or osteopath of our CryoBox team.


What is the temperature of a Whole Body Cryotherapy session?

The temperature of a cryotherapy session is -110 ° C.


This temperature seems extreme and we wonder how to resist it.

In reality, this is quite easy, because in a whole body cryotherapy chamber, cold is dry cold. Without humidity exposure to cold is much easier and more pleasant.

In addition, it is normal air which is cooled.

No gas or nitrogen.

In a CryoBox whole body cryotherapy chamber there is no gas and therefore no risk for breathing or risk of burns unlike technologies using nitrogen.


But why is cryotherapy practiced at -110 ° C?


Scientific studies show that lowering the temperature is neither beneficial nor more beneficial.

-110 ° C is the temperature at which thermal shock is effective.

The peculiarity that makes whole body cryotherapy effective is that you enter a room which is entirely at -110 ° C and your body is completely immersed from head to toe at this temperature.

The body's reaction is therefore homogeneous and allows an optimal result with all the benefits.


Difference with box cryotherapy (head out).


This is unfortunately what is missing in box cryotherapy with the head sticking out. With this lower cost technology, it is nitrogen that cools the system once you are in it.

The gas cooling takes place gradually and does not allow a homogeneous and rapid action.

In addition, the cold receptors, which are numerous on the face and neck, will not be stimulated, although it is they who are the source of the thermal shock.


Read more about the difference between these 2 types of Whole Body Cryotherapy with the summary of the INSEP study.

Now that you know everything about the temperature of a cryotherapy session, all you have to do is get equipped and come and enjoy it.

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What are the risks of Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy does not involve any risk (if we follow the recommendations around its practice).

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Training and health professionals.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The use of cryotherapy requires training and mastery of physiology in order to take no risk. Any cryotherapy session must be done under the control and support of a health professional.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Health questionnaire.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

A health questionnaire must be completed and signed before each cryotherapy session to ensure that your state of health is compatible with exposure to cold at -110 ° C.

Voltage measurement.


Finally, a blood pressure must be taken before entering the cryotherapy chamber.


The risky situations are to find yourself facing a person who does not control human physiology and the actions of cold on the body.

In addition, the use of gases such as nitrogen in certain centers is a significant source of risk and burns.


It is for all these reasons that at CryoBox the entire team is a health professional and has been trained in the practice of cryotherapy by the doctor at INSEP, since 2017.


In our center, the health questionnaire as well as the blood pressure measurement are systematic in order not to take any risk, for you as for us.


Our technology in total immersion does not use any gas and guarantees you optimal safety.

When to do a cryotherapy session?

You can do a cryotherapy session for different reasons.

The main reasons are:

  • sports recovery

  • a pain

  • a sleep problem

  • disabling inflammatory pathology

  • stress or anxiety

  • the desire to test


For sports recovery, the ideal is to do the cryotherapy session immediately after practice. For this a single session is enough to recover like an athlete.


To fight against pain , you have to practice:

  • 3 to 5 sessions if it is acute (less than 3 months)

  • 10 sessions the pain is chronic, i.e. more than 3 months

The sessions should be carried out close together, ideally every day.

This is the attack phase allowing the body to be effectively stimulated so that it naturally produces the desired result.


In the context of a sleep problem , it is necessary to practice 10 sessions over 10 days to allow the body to relearn how to effectively secrete sleep hormones (serotonin and melatonin). Thanks to these 10 cryotherapy sessions over 10 days, the result is lasting.

For an optimal result on sleep, it is advisable to do the sessions after 5 p.m.


If you suffer from a chronic inflammatory pathology, you will need to perform 15 cryotherapy sessions. The principle is to do 10 sessions over 10 days for the attack phase then 5 sessions over 2 weeks for the stabilization phase.

It is with this method that you will be able to have a lasting benefit and a real change.


In case of stress and anxiety the system is the same as for sleep with 10 sessions of cryotherapy over 10 days, because this involves natural hormonal secretions. However, unlike sleep, you can practice your sessions before 5 p.m.


And as for your desire to test the sensations of -110 ° C and the benefits of the cold, you can come and visit us whenever you wish.

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Does Cryotherapy make you lose weight ?

Cryothérapie_pour_la_perte_de_poids .pn

Lose weight in the cold but not only and especially how?

The answer is simple by burning the calories.

The drop in temperature during a whole body cryotherapy session forces the body to activate its so-called autonomous defenses: which induces an increase in your metabolism and fat burning in order to maintain a constant body temperature.

Of course, the number of calories burned depends on each individual, according to several criteria (age, weight, height, basal metabolism). It is therefore possible to lose weight by cold in cryotherapy, just like the fact that we burn more fat during a sports session in winter.

However, losing weight by cold following a cryotherapy cure will only be 100% effective by merging our expertise with various more conventional processes:

  • a healthy diet

  • a sport practice

The calories lost during the cryotherapy session will then not be restocked by your body. To be clear, losing weight by cryotherapy is not its primary goal, but the side effects are a major asset and a major and beneficial aid in weight loss.

How to lose stomach with the cold?

The answer is simple, it is not possible to target a specific area to lose weight.

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